Project Boyz Power Vancouver Audition Champion Embarks On A Journey To Fame


Project Boyz Power, organized by Fairchild TV in collaboration with TVB, has successfully concluded with a remarkable performance from the 8 charismatic finalists at the competition. Fairchild TV was honored to invite the Controller of Production Resources Division of TVB, Ms. Virginia Lok to Vancouver as the judge for Project Boyz Power. TVB Assistant General Manager, Mr. Felix To, Director of Production (Variety shows / Non-drama department), Ms. Sandy Yu, and TVB Controller of International Business Division Mr. Anthony Ho also flew over to Vancouver to witness the birth of TVB's next pop star.

8 charming finalists made their grand entrance with a vibrant and energetic opening dance, manifesting youthfulness and igniting enormous passions on stage.  MCs Mary Lo and Mandy Chan introduced the 4 different challenges that the finalists must overcome to compete for the championship, including individual talent performance, catwalk, fitness test, and acting battle. The first ever Project Boyz Project Audition took an unprecedented step by inviting fans to be seated on stage, generating an uplifting atmosphere throughout the evening and overwhelming the venue with cheers and amazements.

The 8 finalists captivated the audience with exceptional charm and expressiveness on stage as they presented their talent performances. #1 Jeffrey Leung, who has undergone formal training as a member of a Korean boy band, performed an innovative fusion dance number, earning a round of  applause with his ambitious blend of modern hip hop with traditional Chinese martial arts. The youngest among all contestants, #2 Angus Yam, who has competed in various inter-school singing contests, sang the melodious song "Bicycle" with overflowing emotions.

As a professional dancer, #3 Christopher Wong staged a self-choreographed spectacular modern dance with incredible power. An energetic and sporty half Chinese and half Spanish boy, #4 Andoni Usubiaga, brought forward a dynamic and fun freestyle soccer performance, filling the venue with lots of fun.

#5 Stanley Wong delivered an impressive nunchaku performance, imitating Bruce Lee's flexibility and physical prowess. Returning to the stage after participating at the Super 10 in 2012, #6 Jack Wang, instead of focusing on the more masculine side of himself and years of martial arts experience, he chose to show off his musical talent by impressing the judges with an enchanting and mesmerizing piano piece. 

The 18-year-old-boy-next-door #7 Carter Wong played with his basketball freestyle with dexterity, full of surprising tricks and acrobatic movements. Lastly, the 6 feet 3 university Theatre Program major #8 Matthew Chan, sang <Viva la Vida> with a dazzling solo guitar backing. 

Partnering with 5 beautiful ladies from the Miss Vancouver Pageant, the 8 contestants put on a stylish fashion show, switching from chic and trendy casual look to Korean formal wear with a sensational gentlemanly sophistication.

During the fitness test, the contestants conquered various physical challenges within a given time, while showing off their well-built body and revealing the divine masculine from within.

Last but not least, the contestants were divided into 4 groups for the acting battle. Each group was assigned to reenact a famous scene in various popular TVB drama series, including "My Dangerous Mafia Retirement Plan", by #1 Jeffrey and #6 Jack, as the two were involved in a thrilling fighting scene.

" Short End of the Stick", by #2 Angus and #8 Matthew, highlighted by Matthew's funny and well-rounded imitation of eunuch, Chan Siu-fung;

"Tiger Cubs", by #3 Christopher and #7 Carter, as Carter portrayed the special guest performer Oscar Leung's role, Chong Chuk-yuen, the ambience being spiced up by this gimmick; 

Lastly "Triumph in the Skies" by #4 Andoni and #5 Stanley, as Stanley and Andoni took on the role as Pilot Samuel Tong and Issac Tong respectively. 

After several rounds of the competitions, the special guest performer from TVB, Oscar Leung, graced the stage with "The Best is Yet to Come" and "Those were the Days" for the first time in Vancouver, earning thunderous applause from the audience. Recognized for his recent appearance in a new food program Eat La Men, Oscar is highly acclaimed for his humorous and witty characteristic. He even travelled up the audience section to give out souvenirs while interacting with fans, boosting the atmosphere with lots of excitement.

After much deliberation, Ms. Virginia Lok along with the panel of judges including popular artiste Ms. Anita Lee, renowned theatre performer and director Mr. Peter Poon and modeling instructor Mr. Adam Yao unanimously selected both #1 Jeffrey and #6 Jack as Project Boyz Power Champion. After receiving the Championship trophy from Ms. Lok, Jeffrey and Jack will also be awarded an audition opportunity at TVB or its affiliates in China, ready to embark on a journey to fame. To recap the excitement on the day, please tune into Project Boyz Power Final aired on Fairchild TV on Sunday, June 26, 2016 at 8:55pm.

 Award Results:Champions:#1 Jeffrey Leung and #6 Jack Wang, OSIM Most Energetic Performance Award : #3 Christopher Wong, Jeans First Most Stylish New Star Award : #8 Matthew Chan


Project B.P. Star Coaches

Project B.P. Finalists are all lucky individuals who will receive performance coaching from the team of professional instructors from Fairchild through a series of training sessions on stage performance, dance, acting, singing, and styling to be transformed from ordinary to extraordinary.


Project Boyz Power Vancouver Audition
March 28 in ACTION

An outstanding appearance, a unique style, a cool attitude towards life, or the charm that is unleashed when you show off your performance abilities – this is called charisma. Many renowned male artistes brought back to Hong Kong knowledge and experience from overseas before launching a career at TVB, among them are Kenneth Ma, Fred Cheng, and Sammy Shum from Canada, Jason Chan from England and Moses Chan from Australia.

If you are between the age of 16-26 and love performing, we have the stage here ready for you. Any kind of talents including singing, playing instruments, acting, dancing, magic or martial arts are all welcome! Believe in yourself and challenge the infinite possibilities. Embrace your dazzling future and apply for Project Boyz Power Vancouver Auditions today.

Thursday April 21st at 5:00pm

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Saturday April 23rd at Fairchild TV
Drop-in registration opens on the day of auditions from 10:00am to 3:00pm

Final: Monday June 13th at River Rock Show Theatre

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